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First Mate Checking

If you have minimal activity and are interested in a checking account with no service charges, this is the account for you. You pay no monthly service charge and have a limit of 20 checks paid per statement cycle. There is a .25 cent charge for each check paid after the twentieth. Telephone banking is now free of charge.

Captain Checking

By combining your deposit balances, this account allows you unlimited transactions without a monthly service charge. By maintaining a combined daily balance of $1,500 in any deposit account, you pay no monthly service charge, have unlimited check writing privileges, unlimited telephone banking, and free access to internet banking. If your combined daily balance falls below $1,500, there is a $10.00 monthly service charge.

Admiral Now Checking

You pay no monthly service charge fee for a Admiral Now Checking account and have unlimited check writing privileges when you maintain a minimum daily combined balance of $2,500.00. If your daily combined balance falls below $2,500.00, there is a monthly $15.00 service charge fee. Admiral Now accounts earn interest monthly on balances of $2,500.00 and over. Balances that fall below $2,500.00 earn no interest. You have unlimited telephone banking transactions. Internet banking is free of charge. You are eligible for a free small safe deposit box and free one signer Travelers cheques.

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Money Market Accounts

Money Market Accounts pay you higher interest for higher account balances. These accounts are ideal for people who want competitive interest rates and need only limited access to their funds. Money Market Accounts have limited check writing privileges. A minimum daily balance of $500 needs to be maintained to avoid a monthly service charge $4.00. A minimum daily balance of $500 needs to be maintained to obtain the disclosed annual percentage yield.  Call for tiered interest rates.

Debit Cards

Enjoy a whole new level of banking and shopping convenience. Pay for your purchases without carrying cash or writing checks. Make purchases at retailers where ever you can use MasterCard. Purchase amounts are deducted directly from your Millbury National Bank checking account or NOW account. At the same time, have quick and easy access to your Millbury National Bank accounts 24 hours a day. To report a lost or stolen ATM/Debit Card during non banking hours, please call 1-800-554-8969.

Click here to download a MasterMoney Debit Card Application

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