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Vaillancourt Folk Art

A kind word from Gary Vaillancourt of Vaillancourt Folk Art.

"In today's fast paced banking world, bank mergers and multinational banking is the norm. With this comes the lack of personal service and the inability of a business to develop a long term banking relationship with any one bank officer. The long term implications to a small business in this environment can be rather precarious."

"Millbury National Bank for over 175 years has provided the type of consistency that small to mid-size business have needed over the years. Run by a third generation president, The National Bank has balanced their exceptional personal service while providing 21st century services. The full arsenal of banking tools that the National Bank provides is as comprehensive as most large banks, yet with a staff that can actually explain and execute these services for all of their customers." 

George Summers Trucking

A Millbury National Bank customer since 1956.

George says, "Good credit is like money in the bank.". 

In 1956, he went to Mr. Riley at Millbury National Bank and that credit relationship continues today.

"Over the years there have been a few new faces but still the same courteous and friendly service." 

"I like to kid around. When people ask if I have any partners in business I tell them YES, me and the Millbury National Bank."

Andrew Gordish, ABL Powerwashing & Restoration

“This is the best bank. They are family oriented and they have wonderful, knowledgeable services. The staff is loving and caring. I would highly recommend Millbury National Bank for all of your banking needs.

George Anne Chartier, Mass Truck Refrigeration Service, Inc. 

“We have been with Millbury National Bank for well over 40 years. When we were scurrying for funds to purchase an existing business, we were told Millbury National had a great record with small businesses. They listened to us and granted us our start in life. Thus started a great business and a personal relationship with MNB. When we needed capital for franchise purchases, their assistance was fantastic. Their staff makes you feel like family. After 40 years of great service, I would certainly recommend Millbury National as a Bank you can be confident with”